Why Colorado DUI Lawyers Are Good for the State
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There can be a knee-jerk type of reaction caused when coming across a story in the news media of another accident, injury, or fatality caused by a drunk driver. It can cause many Colorado residents to shake their heads and wish that we could just lock up all drunk drivers and forego any need for Colorado DUI lawyers. However, such a reaction usually gives way to more reasoned thinking once people realize the implications if suspects were wrongfully incarcerated on a DUI charge.


The fact is, Colorado DUI lawyers are necessary to uphold the rights of drunk driving suspects and to preserve the integrity of our entire justice system. As abhorrent as drunk driving accidents and DUI related injuries are to all of us, it would be equally abhorrent if we ceded our rights to defense lawyers in an effort to eradicate DUI offenses. And, aside from the Constitutional right that every criminal suspect has to a trial and appropriate representation, when one considers all of the factors that can contribute to someone being falsely accused of DUI, the necessity of DUI lawyers and DUI trials for all Colorado residents accused of drunk driving becomes apparent.


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