Denver, Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer for Prescription Drug Charges

The consequences of prescription drug fraud in Colorado can be severe. Kimberly Diego is experienced in handling prescription drug charges for her clients and has undergone numerous successes in doing so.

In reality, prescription drug charges refer to a wide array of criminal charges. One can be accused of falsifying a prescription, altering a valid prescription, or stealing a medical professional’s prescription forms. Some individuals alter the phone numbers and contact information on medical professional’s prescription forms. In other cases, the medical professional himself or herself may be personally involved in the fraud because of addiction or some other reason.

Prescription drug charges have received attention in the media, and pharmacists have been trained to detect certain signs of prescription drug fraud. For example, pharmacists may look at the dosages/quantities requested to see if they comport with the dosages/quantities which are typically prescribed for that particular drug. Also, a patient presenting a prescription with a name that is not his own name may raise a red flag. If a patient is returning to a pharmacy too frequently, that can also raise suspicion.

If your case is addiction or substance abuse-related, or stems from a substance abuse problem, you may be able to enter treatment as an alternative to a sentence to incarceration and may be able to avoid having a drug conviction on your record if you are offered a deferred judgment plea by the prosecutor handling your case.

If you are charged with a drug crime involving prescription drugs, do not hesitate to immediately contact a Denver defense attorney to provide you with an evaluation of your case.