Medical Marijuana is relatively new in Colorado, and as such, presents many interesting legal issues which either have yet to be determined, or which remain widely misunderstood or unknown.

Having a medical marijuana card does not grant you immunity for the commission of many marijuana-related crimes. For example, even if you have a medical marijuana license, if you drive while impaired by or under the influence of marijuana, your medical marijuana license will not serve as a defense. Also, if you are a licensed caregiver, you may be charged for growing a number of plants which is in excess of the amount of plans you are permitted to grow when considering the number of patients whom have identified you as their primary caregiver.

Consuming medical marijuana while on probation is typically prohibited in most Colorado jurisdictions, even if the patient is able to demonstrate a legitimate and serious need for the medication. Many jurisdictions incorporate a stipulation that the patient is prohibited from medical marijuana consumption into the actual plea agreement entered into by the parties. Further, if you are on bond, consumption of medical marijuana may constitute a violation of your bond conditions and cause your bond to be revoked. A handful of jurisdictions have, however, permitted the consumption of medical marijuana for individuals either on bond or serving a probationary sentence.