Conviction of Sex Crimes Can Have Far Reaching Effects
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Rarely does a week go by when a story does not arise in the media about someone being arrested on criminal sex or indecency charges. Whether the District Attorney has charged a defendant because of forensic interview with the victims or because a concerned parent has brought forth allegations, it seems that the Denver area is not immune from the accusations of sexual abuse or misconduct that plague the rest of the nation, as well.


Obviously, such allegations must be taken very seriously, but it is equally important to remember that a conviction on criminal sexual activity will have far reaching effects. That is why anyone accused of criminal sexual activity in the Denver area will need the services of an experienced criminal attorney. It has happened that people have been accused of sex crimes by former spouses trying to win custody battles, by disgruntled employees, by jilted love interests, or by those trying to avoid admitting to a consensual sexual encounter. As horrific as engaging in criminal sexual activity is, it would be equally horrific for someone to be falsely accused and convicted of such a crime. Unfortunately, it happens.


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