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Sometimes, the situation in a home between its inhabitants is less than ideal. When that happens, and things turn for the worst, the police may become involved – and once that happens, a person who may have thought they were only defending themselves can get charged with domestic violence crimes.

There are cases where self-defense is necessary, which is why the state of Colorado does draw a line between situations

Even though summer has come to a close, you may have a few reminders that will stay with you through the autumn. Such as your tan… or a boating under the influence charge.

No one wants to have to deal with a charge like boating under the influence. Worse, you may not even understand what your BUI charge can mean for your life going forward.

In this time of uncertainty,

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “possession is nine-tenths of the law” in your favorite police or law drama. It’s a popular phrase meant to capture the idea that ownership is easier to prove if someone has possession of something – and difficult to enforce if they don’t.

Is that true? The answer isn’t that simple because the term possession itself has a variety of meanings depending on the context.