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Perhaps you’ve heard of someone who has been charged with domestic violence. It’s not unusual for a person to refer to any crime involving domestic violence as just that, but doing so ignores the nuance and complexity of the law.

The truth is that, in Colorado, domestic violence is an enhancement to another crime, not a crime all on its own. There are many crimes that can have domestic violence


Everyone loves a good Halloween prank, and teens are notorious for taking these sorts of things too far. In fact, many Halloween pranks gone awry can result in criminal charges.


For your teen, this could mean severely compromising his or her future college and employment prospects. Let’s take a look at the criminal charges that can result from Halloween fun that seems to have gotten a little too


While roughhousing and bullies have existed in schools for many generations, it seems like schools nowadays are getting more violent and even downright dangerous.


Students regularly participate in school shooter drills. Security officers are hired to make sure students don’t bring guns into class. Violence at all levels, even simple roughhousing, is being taken more seriously than it ever has.


In Colorado, this means that law enforcement


A person who uses threats or physical actions to intentionally cause or attempt to cause fear of imminent serious bodily harm or injury in another person in Colorado is said to have committed a crime of menacing, or battery. In other words, menacing is a crime of making criminal threats.


Menacing is closely related to, but different from assault. The two crimes are nonetheless frequently charged together in


It is a universally held principle that people have the right to defend themselves from physical harm, even when that defensive action would normally constitute a crime such as assault.


However, it begs an important question: where is the line between assault and self-defense?


Generally speaking, in order for a violent act to be considered self-defense, it needs to meet certain criteria. For example, the person must