As the Internet becomes more and more an essential part of our daily lives

Internet or cyber crimes are increasingly becoming more commonplace. This is due not only to the utility of the Internet for a variety of constructive endeavors but also to the fact that any time an individual uses the Internet, even if they have deleted the material off of the computer, government agencies can and often do trace illegal online activity. You may or may not have acted intentionally, and yet, could face criminal investigation.

If you are facing a cyber or Internet crime investigation, you need a criminal defense attorney with an understanding of technology and the intricacies of cybercrime investigation and prosecution. Depending upon the facts and circumstances of your case, you may also require the assistance of an expert witness to analyze and interpret the electronic evidence.

Certain laws have been created specifically to address crimes committed with computers and also on the Internet.

Amongst those laws are the following offenses: Computer Crime, Internet Luring, Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography. Also, while not specifically enacted as crimes involving the use of computers and/or online, the following activities committed on computers or online can be criminally prosecuted: cyberbullying, cyberstalking, hacking, Internet extortion, and identity theft.

If you face Internet crime charges, you need an attorney who understands and utilizes modern technology. Kimberly Diego operates a technologically sophisticated law office using modern technologies to optimize efficiency and provide a heightened level of customer service.