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What Turns a Drug Conspiracy Case into a Potential COCCA Violation?
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In September 2019, the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force (NCDTF) arrested 10 people, who face more than 120 felony allegations, including COCCA charges.
It was all part of Operation Malverde, an eight-month-long investigation by the NCDTF that by all accounts was incredibly successful. Beyond the arrests, the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor reported that the NCDTF seized weapons, illegal drugs, and cash. Numerous suspects are still at large.
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Your Guide to Colorado’s COCCA Law
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Colorado’s COCCA law covers organized crime, with a strong focus on racketeering.
What exactly does that entail? In this post, we’ll detail the law and associated penalties, and tell you how to protect your rights if you are facing charges.
Breaking Down the COCCA Law
The Colorado Organized Crime Control Act reads as such:
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