Oftentimes, hiring an attorney before charges are filed can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. A knowledgable Denver Criminal Lawyer can establish contact with the investigating officer and even the district attorney’s office before charges are filed, and potentially prevent charges from being filed.

There is no better way to dispose of a Denver criminal case than to have the District Attorney’s office announce a “No file” decision on your case. This means that the case will not be filed and the Defendant will not be prosecuted. If you have already paid a bond, that bond will be returned to you. You will be eligible to seal the case so that it no longer appears on your criminal record. However, it may be possible for the District Attorney to choose to file the case at a later time if new information emerges. Nonetheless, a “no file” decision typically means the case is over.

Denver criminal attorney Kimberly Diego has successfully obtained “no file” decisions for her clients in numerous criminal cases. Should you be in need of pre-filing representation, do not hesitate to contact Attorney Diego for a free case review at (720) 257-5346.