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A DUI charge can be an incredibly scary experience. Many people have never had a run-in with law enforcement before, much less been accused of a crime. However, DUIs happen to many Coloradans each year, so it’s vital to understand the laws that govern this type of crime here.

How much do you know about DUI laws in the state? Test your knowledge by reading to find the most important

Even in states like Colorado where some controlled substances have been legalized or decriminalized, you can still face serious charges for drug crimes if you’re found with large amounts of a controlled substance. In fact, large amounts of drugs in someone’s possession can even lead to charges of possession with the intent to distribute.

Being charged with possession with the intent to distribute means you have a quantity of drugs

Being charged for a crime with a domestic violence enhancement in Colorado is not something anyone wants to deal with. Still, there are charges that can be even worse: domestic violence accusations that involve strangulation. If you are accused of domestic violence involving strangulation, then you need to seek out immediate representation by an experienced attorney for help.

Cases involving domestic violence can be very complicated, and officers are required