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Back in February, Jeff Sessions stated that there was “more violence” around marijuana.

He’s not the first politician or member of law enforcement to make these types of claims, and numerous others have followed suit. Just a few weeks ago, District Attorney Dan May argued that marijuana was “the gateway drug to homicide in our community and across our state.”


Out of context, his comment sounds pretty ridiculous,

If you are arrested and charged with homicide, it is an understatement to say that those charges are serious and your situation dire. In fact, homicide charges are the most serious charges that exist in Colorado law.


Not all homicide charges are the same, though. Just because you are accused of homicide does not mean that you will be facing the death penalty. Depending on the circumstances, you may


Homicide cases deal with the killing of another human being. But the circumstances and details of a case determine exactly what type of crime was supposedly committed.


What does that mean? Isn’t a murder just a murder?


Nope. You’ve probably heard lawyers on TV shows talking about different degrees of murder, but may not have ever really understood what they meant.


Laws in Colorado classify homicide

On June 13, Colorado’s Chief Parole Offer, Tim Hand, was fired after the murder of the state’s corrections chief Tom Clements. The chief suspect in the murder is parolee Spencer Ebel, a white supremacist gang member who was released from prison early due to a clerical error. Prison officials reported that at first, Ebel was a model parolee, reporting every day and remaining in the area. He even called in

A case receiving significant media attention this week is the case of former Patriots’ player Aaron Hernandez, who now faces murder charges in the state of Massachusetts.  He is being held without bail.


While bail is possible on a charge of murder, it is unusual.  Mr. Hernandez’ attorney advocated for a bail being set, arguing that Mr. Hernandez had a clean record, was a resident of the county in