If you have been placed on probation, you know how restrictive probation can be. When you fail to abide by the terms of probation, that failure can land you in jail. Hiring an attorney with proven success in defending clients who have violated their probation may keep you out of jail.

If you violate the terms of your probation, your probation officer will likely request a hearing to evaluate your probation. Oftentimes, your probation officer will ask the judge to send you to jail. When you violate your probation, you can be sentenced to any amount of incarceration that you could have been sentenced to when you were originally convicted. At a probation violation hearing, the probation officer does not have to prove you in fact violated your probation; all he usually needs to show is that you are likely to have violated.

Past Successes:

People v. J.H. – Client originally sentenced to probation for methamphetamine possession. While on probation, the client tested positive for methamphetamine twice and alcohol. The client’s probation reinstated.

People v. R.T. – Client originally sentenced to probation on heroin possession with intent to distribute case. While on probation, the client picks up a new heroin possession case. Negotiated a global disposition whereby the client remains on probation but must enter rehabilitative treatment.

People v. J.W. – Client sentenced to probation for domestic violence. The client picks up a new domestic violence case several months later, then violates the protection order in that case. The client also fails to report to probation in the first case. All three cases resolved with the reimposition of probation in the first case and the vacating of all restraining orders.

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