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With so many people buying goods online these days, it’s not surprising to hear stories of identity theft connected to credit card fraud.

Recently, police in Denver investigated an identity theft crime in which a man and woman made multiple purchases at Walmart using another person’s credit card. The suspects are still at large. Crimes like this highlight how easy it is to take someone’s identity and information.

Here’s what

Identity theft doesn’t simply happen in one way. In fact, there are at least a dozen different offenses that are classified as identity theft in Colorado. That includes unemployment fraud – something Colorado is taking extra steps to prevent as many people file unemployment claims.

Following a rash of false unemployment claims, the Colorado Department of Labor has instituted a new ID verification system. It is designed to combat the

The U.S. economy hasn’t been as stable as many of us are used to. In fact, unemployment claim filings have remained high for nearly a year.

If you are part of the 6 percent of Coloradoans still struggling to find employment, tapping into resources a bit more than legally allowed may have crossed your mind.

If so, you certainly aren’t the only one. Colorado has reported a spike in unemployment


The common image of identity theft is dramatic. A savvy computer hacker gets someone’s information out of a secure database, maybe, and wracks up hundreds of thousands in debt. That’s what identity theft means in the movies, after all.


In real life, identity theft is more complex. Colorado is the second most at-risk state in the US for identity theft. There are many crimes that are considered identity


Have you started filing your taxes yet?


In the next few weeks, there will be social security numbers, expense lists, pay stubs and more being transferred, mailed, and analyzed. All of this information is a goldmine for individuals who want to commit identity theft or fraud schemes.


As secure as your data and information may be, identity theft comes in many forms, and rears its ugly head