The crime of embezzlement typically involves a person alleged to have committed a theft of money or assets from an entity to which they owed some responsibility or duty of care – for example, an employer. Embezzlement can result in a jail sentence, or a probationary sentence, a probationary sentence preceded by a jail sentence, or even a prison sentence depending upon the particular facts and circumstances of the case including the amount involved and the existence of any prior criminal history. Every conviction will involve the payment of restitution.

While embezzlement is always serious, the severity of any particular case will depend upon the amount of cash or assets involved. Theft is a class 4 felony when the value involved is $1000 or more, but less than $20,000. Theft becomes a class 3 felony when the value involved is $20,000 or more.

If you suspect that you may be charged with embezzlement, it is never too early to retain a criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. Oftentimes, retaining legal counsel prior to the criminal investigation or at the inception of the criminal investigation can be helpful to the outcome of your case as your response to the investigation can be critical in setting the tone of negotiations with the prosecutor once your case goes to court.

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