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Small towns have a lot of work to handle. From supplying licenses and permits to keeping track of local tax information, the electronic flow of information is what keeps the town running smoothly these days.

That’s also what makes small towns such a tempting target for cybercriminals, and recently, the town of Lafayette, Colorado, fell victim.

Lafayette, CO Paid Cyberattackers’ Ransom

Their entire database was encrypted and held hostage. In


Stalking is a serious problem.


Over 25 million Americans (18.3 million of them women) have experienced some form of stalking. Sadly, the internet, cell phones, and other digital forms of communication have made stalking even easier.


Moreover, while in-person stalking absolutely still occurs, many people who claim to be stalking victims don’t actually see their harassers. Instead, they hover at a distance, like a dark cloud on


Computers are increasingly central to our lives, as we not only use them for more and more things, but (as in the case of smartphones) have them by our side at all times. Accordingly, cyber crime is rising exponentially.


Computer crimes, however, tend to be more difficult for law enforcement and the criminal justice system to track and prosecute than traditional crimes. Additionally, cyber crime is rapidly evolving,