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Harassment? Stalking? In Colorado, They’re the Same… But Not
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The way that Colorado handles stalking and harassment is a little bit strange.
On the one hand, if you are charged with stalking, it technically falls under the umbrella of harassment according to the law. In other words, stalking is a way of harassing someone.
That makes sense, right?
Unfortunately, that little legal oddity makes many people believe that these two crimes come with the same… Continue reading this article

Can Domestic Violence in Colorado Be Charged as a Federal Crime?
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When Colorado police respond to a domestic violence call, and have probable cause to believe it has occurred, it is mandatory for them to make an arrest – regardless of whether the alleged victim denies any violence has occurred.
In these cases, it is the state pressing charges, not the victim.
However, there are a handful of scenarios which are even out of the state’s hands. In… Continue reading this article

Yes, Even Texting Can Net You a Colorado Domestic Violence Charge
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We have highlighted Colorado’s strict policies against domestic violence in many past blog posts. From the moment an incident is reported to police, Colorado aims to put alleged attackers behind bars at the first sign of harassment or violence through its “victim’s rights” policies.
While these policies do help many victims find justice for the wrongdoing and violence perpetrated against them, there are also many cases where simple offenses… Continue reading this article