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While Colorado continues to pioneer the legalization of cannabis and cannabis products across the US, the industry isn’t without bounds, and the land is far from lawless. One aspect that isn’t lax is the regulations surrounding the trafficking of legally cultivated weed in Colorado, and the specific licensing to do so.


With proper permitting, for instance, you may initially grow up to six cannabis plants to supply your

As long as drugs are illegal, there will be drug trafficking. And even though marijuana is now legal in Colorado, it’s still illegal in other states and countries, which creates a drug trafficking issue.


Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington, 70 percent of Mexican drug cartels have seen a decrease in their marijuana profits. This decrease is prompting Mexico to consider its own legalization of marijuana.



When thinking about a DUI, we almost always assume the driver was under the influence of alcohol. Maybe they’re driving home from the bar. Or coming from a friend’s party where they had a few cold ones. We know the common scenarios and – in theory – that helps us to avoid them.


Driving under the influence of marijuana, however, can also be a reason for an arrest.



Law enforcement officials conducted several raids of illegal grow ops in Colorado in the past month and a half. In addition to firearms and money, officers confiscated over 300 kilograms of dried marijuana and more than 20,000 individual plants. They also arrested 32 individuals for ties to illegal marijuana growing operations in Colorado.


The Department of Justice reports that six different major covert growing operations have been


If a police officer catches you driving while high from marijuana in Colorado, you face the same charges as a drunk driver – a DUI. This is a problem for lawmakers, the public, and law enforcement officials looking to Colorado as a social, legal, and economic experiment on the effects of marijuana legalization.


Why? Because the data from police departments doesn’t distinguish between the two types of impaired