Certain individuals may be eligible to expunge their juvenile records. If you are looking to expunge your juvenile record, you should contact a Denver criminal defense attorney with experience handling expungements to assist you throughout the process. Expungement is a process by which an individual essentially “clears” his juvenile record, and by so doing may open himself or herself up to more opportunities which may previously have been restricted due to the existence of that record.

When a person can expunge their juvenile record varies from case to case. A person can petition for an expungement order immediately if they were found not guilty at trial; after one year, if they were given a ticket or were arrested, but no further action was taken; or they completed a juvenile diversion program or informal adjustment; after four years, if the Court has terminated jurisdiction; or they were unconditionally released from a commitment to the department of human services, or they were unconditionally released from parole supervision; or, after ten years, if they were adjudicated a repeat or mandatory juvenile offender, and the Court has terminated jurisdiction or they are unconditionally released from parole supervision, whichever date is later.

A person cannot petition for expungement if they were adjudicated for an offense involving unlawful sexual behavior; they were adjudicated an aggravated juvenile offender; they were adjudicated a violent juvenile offender; they were adjudicated for an offense that would be a crime of violence if committed by an adult; or, they were charged by the direct filing of an indictment or information in district court as a juvenile and you received an adult sentence.

Also, if you have been adjudicated a juvenile delinquent or been convicted of a crime subsequent to being charged in the juvenile case you wish to expunge, you will not be able to expunge.

If your case is expunged, basic information identifying you will remain available to the district attorney and any local law enforcement agency.

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