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Even though drug laws have changed in the state of Colorado, there are many other laws regarding drug crimes still on the books that remain very serious. Drug trafficking is one of those drug crimes.

If you are accused of drug trafficking in Colorado, then you must understand not only the charges the state is bringing against you and what the laws are – but also your rights in the

While the state of Colorado has gotten a lot of attention for its decriminalization of some drugs, that doesn’t mean that anything goes in our state. It is still a crime to manufacture, sell, possess, and use controlled substances.

However, the law in Colorado surrounding drug crimes has become complex. That’s why it’s imperative to have an experienced attorney on your side if you find yourself facing drug charges.


It is unfortunate that there is a nationwide crisis involving prescription drugs in the United States, something that has reached into communities across Colorado, as well. Prosecutors are attempting to crack down on certain crimes involving prescription drugs, like prescription fraud.

There’s a lot to understand about prescription fraud in Colorado since it’s a crime that reaches beyond simple medical providers and into the lives of everyday Coloradans. Here’s what

Colorado has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of certain drugs and made others legal. Many people mistakenly believe that means anyone caught up in a scheme involving drugs won’t face serious penalties. In fact, those found guilty of serious crimes such as drug trafficking in Colorado face very serious consequences.

You may be surprised how often large drug busts that end in drug trafficking charges occur. Here’s what you

Fentanyl is a drug that almost everyone has heard about by now, not only because of what it does for patients that need pain relief – but for how it is impacting the lives of those who buy drugs on the street.

A man from Colorado Springs was indicted for distributing fentanyl. Through his distribution, at least one death from this dangerous substance occurred. He is facing up to life