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In the state of Colorado, it is illegal to commit prostitution. However, prostitution is a crime that is often committed in conjunction with several other acts that are against the law.

What is considered prostitution in Colorado, and what are the penalties? And what other crimes are closely connected? Read on to find out more.

What is Prostitution in Colorado?

Under Colorado law, prostitution is defined as performing, offering to


Colorado child prostitution generally includes the offenses of child sex trafficking, pimping a child, soliciting a child prostitute, or patronizing a child prostitute. Regardless of the nature of an adult’s involvement in child prostitution, these are always felony-level offenses.


Unlike other states, Colorado has an entire subchapter devoted to child prostitution, which is completely separate from the prostitution of adults. According to state law, children involved in prostitution


The original BackPage site was seized more than a year ago by federal law enforcement. Still, that hasn’t spelled the end for Colorado’s online sex trade.


In fact, a Denver-market BackPage alternative,, surfaced quickly and continues to thrive today. Denver’s sex workers claim the original Backpage actually provided a level of safety traditional avenues of the practice simply can’t, so hopefully, this replacement does the same.


In one of the first undercover prostitution stings of the year, Northern Colorado law enforcement officers made nine arrests and rescued one at-risk youth in Johnstown.


The arrests were made on January 5, although many of the people involved in the sting have already been let go. During the operation, officers posed as solicitors, responding to ads on escort websites for prostitutes. No solicitors were arrested in the sting,

You might think it’s okay if a worker at a legitimate business such as a strip club or massage parlor offers to perform a sexual act for you in exchange for money. After all – especially in the case of strip clubs – aren’t they practically doing that already?


But paying or getting paid for a sexual act is never legal.


A 55-year-old Colorado Springs woman was recently