Category: Drug Conspiracy

While the state of Colorado has gotten a lot of attention for its decriminalization of some drugs, that doesn’t mean that anything goes in our state. It is still a crime to manufacture, sell, possess, and use controlled substances.

However, the law in Colorado surrounding drug crimes has become complex. That’s why it’s imperative to have an experienced attorney on your side if you find yourself facing drug charges.


Charges in Denver for drug distribution can carry some serious penalties. Those faced with these charges face the prospect of lengthy prison terms and massive fines and legal fees.

There is hope for those currently facing Denver drug distribution charges, however. A new Colorado law will soon remove felony-level penalties from certain drug possession charges.

Note, this new bill doesn’t change current laws regulating distribution. Those facing possession with the


In September 2019, the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force (NCDTF) arrested 10 people, who face more than 120 felony allegations, including COCCA charges.


It was all part of Operation Malverde, an eight-month-long investigation by the NCDTF that by all accounts was incredibly successful. Beyond the arrests, the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor reported that the NCDTF seized weapons, illegal drugs, and cash. Numerous suspects are still at large.