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Many people regard taking property that is not yours as theft, but the truth is that how something gets stolen makes a difference in the eyes of the law. That’s why Colorado law differentiates between burglary, robbery, and theft – because stealing is simply the underlying action these distinct crimes have in common.

The charges of burglary depend on the severity of the crime. The charges rely primarily on what

The laws surrounding marijuana use in Colorado are relatively straightforward to understand. Still, it’s helpful to brush up from time to time on a few of the finer points of legalized marijuana in the state, such as whether it’s OK to order marijuana online to have it delivered.

As progressive as Colorado has regarded drug laws and marijuana specifically, you don’t want to break the law unknowingly. In 2019, the

For sex offenders considered low-risk and non-violent in Colorado, the Sex Offender Intensive Supervision Program also referred to as SOISP, may be an option.

This intensive probation program is for sex offenders not yet condemned to prison. The obligations and restrictions put in place by the program are pretty severe. Any violations of the program will remand the probationer to prison, where they will serve out the rest of their

In Colorado, domestic violence crimes are in a league of their own. This crime is more common than most people want to acknowledge, which is why the state’s legal system has mechanisms meant to protect victims.

The issue is that those exact mechanisms that help protect some people can cause consequences for someone accused of a crime related to domestic violence. That’s why it’s vital to understand how that can