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Probation and parole are terms often used interchangeably but refer to different legal concepts in Colorado. Both probation and parole involve the supervision of a convicted offender in the community, but they have distinct purposes, conditions, and requirements. Understanding the differences between probation and parole can be critical to navigating the criminal justice system.

Probation in Colorado

Probation is a form of community supervision that allows a person to serve

For sex offenders considered low-risk and non-violent in Colorado, the Sex Offender Intensive Supervision Program also referred to as SOISP, may be an option.

This intensive probation program is for sex offenders not yet condemned to prison. The obligations and restrictions put in place by the program are pretty severe. Any violations of the program will remand the probationer to prison, where they will serve out the rest of their

Probation and parole are two things you’ve likely heard of – at least on television and in movies. But these two terms are more than just something that’s a part of your favorite show. They’re also something that many people across Colorado have to deal with on a daily basis.

While probation and parole are alternatives to time in jail or prison, they can still be a threat to someone’s


Even the best of us can get caught in a bad situation at times. Unfortunately, sometimes these situations can result in legal action, including probation.


Probation is supervised time in place of incarceration, and you’ll want to make sure you successfully complete your probation to avoid having to face more serious criminal consequences.


If you’re worried about violating your probation, here are some important tips to remember.

If you were convicted of a misdemeanor, you may have been sentenced to a period of probation rather than jail or prison. While it is understandably a relief not to have to serve a prison sentence, you need to recognize that probation is not a “free pass” but rather a penalty with strict rules that you need to take seriously. Read on to learn more about how probation works and