How serious a drug distribution case is depends on the type of drug involved, and the amount of drug involved. If you have been charged with drug distribution, please contact Denver criminal defense attorney Kimberly Diego immediately to discuss your case and any potential defenses you may have.

In order to be found guilty of distribution, you do not need to personally handle, sell, or purchase the involved drugs. Simply being a facilitator of a transaction – for example, informing an interested buyer as to where or from whom he can purchase the drugs – is sufficient.

Because Colorado categories drug distribution crimes as being of extraordinary risk, sentences for these crimes are enhanced and convictions can result in lengthy periods of incarceration. If you are classified as a “special offender”, either because you had a prior felony drug conviction or a firearm was present during the transaction, then special offender charges will be filed – and those charges constitute a class 2 felony.

Criminal defense attorney Kimberly Diego has successfully handled drug distribution cases and demonstrated her skill in mitigation, or lessening the impact of a drug distribution charge. Her knowledge of search and seizure law also may prove critical in establishing whether you may be successful in arguing that the search/seizure in your case was illegal and that therefore the discovery of the drugs themselves should be suppressed.

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