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Coronavirus is doing more than simply keep people at home, it’s also causing a heightened awareness about fraudulent credit card activity, and authorities are warning Colorado consumers about it.

Credit card fraud not only has a lasting impact on the lives of victims but perpetrators, too. Before you’re tempted to take advantage of the spike in online buying in the current haze of coronavirus panic, beware!

Understand what consumers are


“Credit card fraud.”


When most people hear those three little words, it sends an uncomfortable prickle down their backs. After all, no one wants to think about the possibility of someone getting ahold of their card and racking up expenses.


Lawmakers and those in law enforcement understand this. They also know how widespread and prevalent credit card fraud is. Because of these two things, they tend to



These days we use credit and debit cards for just about everything. That being the case, it’s not at all surprising that credit card fraud has become quite commonplace. Thieves use a variety of techniques to steal consumers’ credit card information, with some even offering stolen credit card information for sale on the darknet.


In Denver, a high-profile credit card and fuel theft scam recently culminated in

The advent of the internet has given rise to a special type of theft crime—identity theft.

Identity theft involves using another’s identity without their consent for your own benefit. Typically, identity theft is used to for financial gain—for instance, to apply for credit cards, loans, or housing. With identity theft crimes, offenders take personal information from a victim without their consent by illegal means, such as stealing their mail, wallet,

Every 18 seconds in America, a house is burglarized; every 36.9 seconds, one person is assaulted, abused by his/her partner (52 seconds for women and 3.5 minutes for men), raped (1.9 minutes), and murdered (every 31 minutes). The rate of crime has increased dramatically over the last few decades, but still nothing happens faster in the country than credit card fraud: one instance every 2 seconds, according to the “2014