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Snow and fire hazards are two ideas that don’t immediately connect in people’s minds. However, the snowy season can be just as dangerous as dry summer months when it comes to campfires.


If you are planning on doing some camping before the snow melts this year, or if you are burning debris, it’s important to understand what is still considered winter fire safety. Failure to properly contain your

As the snow begins to melt from the mountains and the weather starts to heat up, many Coloradoans will be heading out for camping trips, enjoying nights around a warm fire and experiencing all that nature has to offer in our gorgeous state.


As Colorado begins to lift bans on areas where residents can have fires, however, it’s important to refresh your knowledge on how to properly put out


Some crimes are more straightforward than others, depending on the number of factors that could be at play. But some crimes that seem simple could actually have a number of different charges and degrees that are associated with the act. In other words, in some cases it’s possible that the same kind of crime could result in anywhere from six months in prison… to 12 years in prison!