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Have you been charged with a felony? You may feel confused, nervous, or unsure of your next steps. What consequences do you face? Should you look for a lawyer? What even is a felony?


A felony is the most serious type of crime in the state of Colorado, above misdemeanors or petty offenses. Being charged or convicted of a felony has serious, lifelong, public consequences, but it does not


As far as Colorado law officials and prosecutors are concerned, any type of criminal offense is a serious matter. However, different levels of criminal offenses are handled in different ways, and are subject to different penalties.


In Colorado, there are eleven different classes of criminal offenses: two classes of petty offenses, three classes of misdemeanors, and six classes of felonies. Typically, petty offenses are considered to be the

As a Colorado defense attorney, I am often asked about the timeline and procedure of a felony case. Most people know from pop culture portrayals of the legal system that a defendant who pleads not guilty in a felony case will typically go to trial, but there are actually several other important steps that may be less familiar.


To help defendants, their families, and other interested parties better understand

A DUI case can easily become something much more serious if there is a serious injury or even a death involved. In those cases, a DUI charge is elevated to a charge of Vehicular Assault or Vehicular Homicide.


Any time a DUI or DUID is elevated to a charge of Vehicular Assault or Vehicular Homicide, the legal standard that applies is one of strict liability. What that means is

Oftentimes, individuals are arrested when charges are filed, and spend some amount of time in custody prior to their criminal case being resolved.  Some spend as little as one day in custody, others spend months if not years, depending upon their ability to post a bond.  Some are unable to bond out due to either a parole hold or an ICE (or Immigration and Customs Enforcement) hold.


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