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Domestic violence is an issue many Coloradans have to deal with. Because of this, our state takes crimes involving domestic violence very seriously, and being found guilty of a crime involving it can have a major impact on your life going forward.

That’s why it’s necessary for all Colorado residents to understand what the law says about domestic violence. Having a little understanding of our laws can help you navigate

In Colorado, sex crimes are very serious. That’s why if you get charged with one, it’s something you should take very seriously – no matter if it’s a misdemeanor or a felony charge.

Some sex crimes in the state get charged as misdemeanors. Others get charged with felonies. The level at which a sex crime gets charged impacts the types of penalties you can face if you are found guilty

Getting arrested for driving under the influence in Colorado automatically saddles you with a DUI arrest record.

The police create this report and it becomes a part of the public record. That’s why it’s vital to understand what an arrest record is and how it can impact your future – whether you are ultimately convicted of a DUI in the state or not. Read on to find out what you

It’s imperative that every citizen understand their rights. For example, if you are pulled over for a traffic stop and the police ask to search your vehicle, you have the right to tell them no.

Police in the United States can only search a person or their property if they have reason to believe that a crime has been committed – these are rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.


In Colorado domestic violence cases, restraining orders can greatly impact the lives of both the victim and the person accused of perpetrating the crime in question.

Protective orders, which may also be called restraining orders, can force the accused to leave their home, have no contact with their children, and keep them from coming within a certain distance of the victim. This can complicate things on many levels, especially since