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This past year has been absolutely chaotic. The COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, and an intense Presidential election have left everyone on edge. To add even more fuel to the fire, property crimes throughout Denver have been rising.

The Property Crime 2020 Crime Report was released by the Denver Post in late September. Statistics from the report are not promising.

Property Crimes in Denver, 2020

Denver has reported 22,321 property crimes

On a Sunday last June, an estimated 25 cars and two homes were broken into in the Stetson Hills neighborhood of Colorado Springs.

With Colorado burglaries on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic, break-ins are hardly unusual. In Colorado Springs, in particular, car burglaries are one of the most common crimes. However, these break-ins were unusual, say representatives from the Colorado Springs Police.

As Colorado Springs Officer MJ Thomson explained

We all want less crime in Denver. According to a recent report, we might be doing something right. Denver’s Burglary: Forced Entry 2020 Crime Report was published at the end of January.

It includes details about where burglaries (or forced entries) took place, dates, and times. You can also view a full list of burglaries that took place within Denver.

The highlight of this report is that Denver is experiencing


One group is believed to be responsible for 127 burglaries in Colorado Springs. In this post, we’ll detail how the law might apply in their cases, what penalties they might face, and how a skilled attorney can help fight charges like these.


What We Know about the Colorado Springs Burglary Ring


A group of at least four suspects has been accused of committing over 127 burglaries between


If you have been charged with burglary in our state, you have some work to do. Burglary charges are felony offenses. Even a third degree burglary conviction can land you in jail for three years, and cause you to rack up fines as high as $100,000. If you want the best chance at receiving a positive outcome, you need to start building a strong defense.


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