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Although the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado might make it seem that our state has a permissive attitude towards drug use, Denver law enforcement and judicial authorities take drug crimes very seriously. All too often, non-violent drug crimes lead to steep fines and lengthy prison sentences. Whether you’re charged with possession, distribution, or any other drug-related misdemeanor or felony, you need to contact an experienced Denver criminal attorney as soon as possible. Kimberly Diego has successfully represented clients with all kinds of drug-related charges, and she knows that speed is of the essence. No matter what charge you’re facing, she’s always prepared to review your case and put together the strongest possible defense.


Kimberly Diego Knows What Defenses Work in Drug Crime Cases


If law enforcement officials found incriminating evidence in your car, house, or on your person, you may feel like you have no chance of winning your case and should just admit defeat. However, this is absolutely not the case, and you should consult with Kimberly Diego before you talk to any police officers or judicial authorities.


Drug cases often hinge on the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unlawful search and seizure. If there was a Fourth Amendment violation in your case, Ms. Diego may be able to get harmful and incriminating evidence against you suppressed. In some situations, a Fourth Amendment violation is enough for her to get the charges against you reduced or even dismissed. In other cases, she may be able to strike a deal with the prosecution so that you can enter a rehabilitative program instead of serving time in jail or prison.


Ms. Diego believes that prison sentences are often a disproportionate punishment for someone charged with a non-violent crime, and she will work to convince the prosecution and judge that such a sentence is inappropriate in your case for this reason.


A Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Understands Colorado Courts


When you’re facing a drug crime charge that could lead to fines, incarceration, and a tarnished reputation, you need to be sure that your defense attorney is well-versed in your specific type of case and also has an in-depth knowledge of the way the laws are written in our state. Every Colorado drug case is unique, but Kimberly Diego has handled cases similar to yours and can use her experience with the Colorado judicial system to prepare a rigorous defense. With a law degree from the University of Colorado, an internship with the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office, and a solo practice, Ms. Diego has honed her skills as a defense attorney and has intimate knowledge of the local and state court systems.


Her talent has been well-documented throughout Colorado and the country as a whole, with Super Lawyers recognizing her as a Rising Star of 2012 and National Association of Trial Lawyers naming her as one of their Top 100 Trial Lawyers. She is well-qualified to handle drug crimes cases involving:


  • Manufacturing
  • Possession
  • Distribution or trafficking
  • Possession with the intent to distribute


Whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a felony is largely dependent on the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the amount of an illicit substance that you are alleged to have possessed. While misdemeanors and felonies carry different penalties, any kind of conviction can negatively affect you and your family, following you on your criminal record for the rest of your life. To give yourself the best chance of keeping this charge off your criminal record, you need to take any kind of drug crime charge seriously and contact Kimberly Diego as soon as possible.


Whatever drug charges you are facing, Colorado criminal lawyer Kimberly Diego can provide you with compassionate yet assertive representation. She has also developed resources relating to drug crimes in Colorado and hopes that anyone who has questions about the charges they are facing will contact her, as well as reviewing the following pages:



A Denver Defense Lawyer Should Be Compassionate but Aggressive


Being accused of committing a drug crime can be devastating, and you may be struggling to understand what you’re up against, especially if you’re facing more than one charge simultaneously. Don’t suffer silently and dismiss your case as a lost cause. No one should have to go through such a tough situation alone, and Kimberly Diego can serve as your legal support network during this difficult time.


Ms. Diego whole-heartedly believes that the foundation of our judicial system is the right to a rigorous defense. Anyone accused of a crime in Colorado is innocent until proven guilty and deserves to have a good defense lawyer on their side.


Denver drug crimes attorney Kimberly Diego will treat you with respect and compassion, making sure that you know what is happening with your case every step of the way. At the same time, she will also prepare the most aggressive defense possible, anticipating what arguments the prosecution will use and attempting to have evidence against you suppressed whenever possible. Past clients have praised her for her thorough yet efficient work, which has minimized their billable hours while still getting them the best possible outcome.


Contact Drug Crimes Attorney Kimberly Diego Today


Because every drug crimes case is different and the specifics of your case will need to be analyzed, it is imperative that you consult with Denver criminal defense attorney Kimberly Diego as soon as possible. Ignoring your drug charge and impending court date isn’t going to make the problem go away, and retaining a skilled criminal lawyer like Kimberly Diego is necessary if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding harsh penalties.


The sooner you consult with Ms. Diego, the sooner she will be able to start preparing an aggressive defense.

To benefit from Colorado criminal attorney Kimberly Diego’s expertise and commitment to her clients, call 720-257-5346 for a free consultation, or simply fill out a short case review form and a representative from the Law Office of Kimberly Diego will get back to you promptly. Don’t give up on your future or simply write yourself off – contact Ms. Diego’s offices today.