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Back in July of 2021, Colorado’s Governor signed SB 88 into law. Also known as the Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act, this new bill is a game-changer for victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Under SB88, child sexual abuse survivors now have a new window under which to bring charges of child sexual abuse against a person. With this new law taking effect on the first day of 2022, there’s a

In Colorado, those who are convicted of certain crimes are required to register as sex offenders. Being labeled a sex offender comes with a lot of negative impacts. Not only is it something that goes on your criminal record for life, it’s something that you will pay for long after you have completed your sentence.

Many people are unaware of all the crimes that can place you on the sex

Being a convicted sex offender in Colorado is a difficult road – made even more difficult by one thing: indeterminate sentencing.

Recently, a court upheld a convicted sex offender’s indeterminate sentencing as constitutional, meaning that his sentence for first-degree sexual assault that has gone beyond the determinate sentence is not a violation of his rights.

What is an indeterminate sentence? Is it something someone accused of sex crimes in Colorado

Peeping Tom crimes have been around for a long time. However, as technology advances, the ways that someone can invade your privacy for their own sexual gratification have increased, too.

Drone technology is becoming more readily available to people everywhere. While people have certainly accomplished some amazing things with drones, this technology can also be put to use for nefarious purposes, like invading privacy.

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There are several types of crimes n the state of Colorado that involve enhanced sentencing. In many instances, when someone commits the same crime repeatedly, they will be subject to enhanced penalties that can send them to prison for a really long time – even life.

A case in Aurora highlights how repeat offenses can lead to serious trouble. A Kansas man was arrested for sexual assault in Aurora, among