Category: Minor in Possession


As a general rule, it’s illegal for minors under the age of 21 to consume or possess alcohol. However, there are a few exceptions.


For example, if you give your teen a small glass of wine with your holiday meal this year, this is okay. The caveat is you must be on private property, present with your teen, and have the property owner’s agreement.


Unless consuming alcohol


It’s prom and graduation season for Denver high school students. A time of celebration. Of transition. Of closing the book on one chapter of their young lives and preparing to begin the next one.


Also, many use these rites of passage as a chance to experiment with alcohol for the first time. Or, if they’ve already been drinking, to go even more wild as a sort of last

No parent wants to face that moment where they have to pick their kid up from the police station because they were caught drinking or carrying marijuana. It’s scary. It’s embarrassing. You’re mad at your child and worried for them at the same time. What is this going to mean for their future?


Obviously, breaking the law in any way is not a good move for your child, but