2020 has been hard for many reasons, but Denver is suffering from a very specific problem on top of all that. Compared to last year, murder rates from January to May of this year are up an astounding 50%. This disturbing increase is part of a wave of violence that includes an additional 25% increase in aggravated assaults as well.

Several recent shootings have raised awareness of this violent wave

What began as peaceful protests around the country have, in some cases, spiraled into riots and looting. There are competing narratives about who has been causing this violence, with plenty of videos showing both police officers and protestors involved.

Along with these competing narratives, there have been conflicting news stories regarding who is getting arrested and for what reasons. One thing that is for certain, though, is that a great

Taking your dog out for a walk should not end in a grisly murder. Unfortunately, this is what happened to a young couple in the Ballpark neighborhood of Denver. Now, the man arrested for the murder is facing a whopping 22 criminal charges.

What Charges Does He Face?

On June 10, a young couple was walking their dog and let the dog relieve itself near an apartment building. A man

Protests have sprung up in cities around the United States, and even around the world, in response to the death of George Floyd.

These protests have largely remained peaceful, though some of them have unfortunately spiraled out of control. This has been used by police around the country as a pretext for arresting protestors and shutting down rallies. Too often, this has been accomplished through violent means.

As a protestor,

In February of 2020, a law was proposed in Colorado that would eliminate bench warrants for defendants who failed to make their court appearance. Known as the “Grace Period” bill, it would have granted a 72-hour window to appear in court after failing to show for the initial court date.

According to CBSN Denver, that bill is now indefinitely postponed, so there is no grace period for bench warrants in