Medical Info and Criminal Database Will Not Merge
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A recent kerfuffle within the Colorado Bureau of Investigations regarding the flagging of medical marijuana patients within criminal databases has been resolved by a spokesperson from the Department of Public Health and Environment. Mark Salley has clarified that patients will not be automatically pre-flagged within the database as had been erroneously suggested. The clarification laid to rest the confidentiality concerns of many a defense attorney in the Denver area, as well as assuaging concerns that medical patients would be treated like criminal sex offenders who are automatically flagged in the criminal database.


The question is an important one, not only insofar as it pertains to medical marijuana patients, but also as it pertains to the rights of all who might be investigated for criminal activity. Colorado residents should be thankful that state officials remain committed to upholding confidentiality of medical records, even when investigating persons on suspicion of criminal activity. However, there are times when the rights of suspects are not always held in the highest regard. Because of that, a defense attorney should be contacted any time someone is charged with a criminal offense.


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