Charged with a Crime in Brighton? Turn to Brighton Criminal Lawyer Kimberly Diego

If you’re charged with a crime in Brighton, it’s imperative that you contact a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible. You may think that the whole incident was a big misunderstanding or a mistake and that you’ll be able to convince the judge of that, but you can’t guarantee that the judge or the prosecutor will be sympathetic just because you try to explain yourself. The prosecution is going to be pushing for a conviction, and you need to fight back with a defense mounted by an experienced legal representative who understands how to argue in a courtroom and advocate for your position to the opposing party.

Kimberly Diego is your best bet if you want to keep your charge from becoming a conviction. A trial lawyer with a solo practice serving the Brighton area, Ms. Diego truly believes that a rigorous defense in criminal cases is essential to a properly functioning and fair judicial system. She always listens closely to the details of each client’s case and goes above and beyond to find mitigating factors, condemning evidence that can be suppressed, and ways to counter the prosecution’s arguments. When you retain Ms. Diego, you can rest assured that she will pursue the best possible outcome in your case.

Brighton Criminal Charges Require an Excellent Defense Lawyer

You need to take criminal charges against you seriously, even if they’re not true. Just because you know you’re innocent doesn’t mean that the prosecution and judge will automatically recognize that, especially if they have evidence they can use to convict you. Whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, a conviction can have devastating and far-reaching consequences, including steep fines, incarceration, and a tarnished personal and professional reputation. Don’t become passive when you find out you’ve been charged with a crime: contact a skilled criminal attorney in Brighton as soon as possible.

As a trial lawyer with a thorough knowledge of the Colorado judicial system and a reputation for mounting an aggressive defense, Kimberly Diego is well-suited to working with anyone accused of a crime in Brighton. She received her law degree from the University of Colorado and completed an internship with the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office before going on to set up a solo practice to protect the rights of Denver and Brighton area residents.

Because she has her own practice and focuses solely on criminal defense, Kimberly Diego is able to give her full attention to all her clients, which has led to many successes in the courtroom as well as national recognition. What kind of recognition? Ms. Diego has been named one of Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars as well as one of National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Colorado for both 2012 and 2013. Choose to work with Kimberly Diego and you’ll always be able to rely on her experience, legal expertise, and close attention to detail.

A Focus on Criminal Law Brings In-Depth Understanding

There are a lot of attorneys in the Brighton area, but you shouldn’t just walk down to the nearest law office and hire the first lawyer that you meet. Some Brighton attorneys who claim to practice criminal defense also say that they practice just about every other type of law you could think of, which suggests that they are spreading themselves thin and may not have the in-depth knowledge of criminal defense that you need. Other lawyers who focus solely on criminal law may lack the real world, trial experience to successfully defend you.

Kimberly Diego focuses solely on criminal law and has successfully handled many cases similar to yours. She knows that every situation is unique, but she is often able to use what she has learned from previous cases to mount a convincing defense. For example, she may be able to prove that evidence against you was obtained illegally and should be suppressed, or that there are mitigating factors that should cause the prosecutors reduce your charge. Many times, she has been able to get a client’s charge dropped altogether.

Ms. Diego has experience with many different kinds of criminal cases, including:

You can learn more about Kimberly Diego’s practice areas and discover further resources here. Even if you don’t see your specific charge listed, it is still in your best interest to contact Ms. Diego. She will be able to listen to the details of your case during a free initial consultation and counsel you on your best options.

Let Kimberly Diego Help You Navigate Colorado’s Complex System

When you’re charged with a crime in Brighton or anywhere else in Colorado, you’re subject to state laws. Colorado criminal law can be complex and confusing, and there are many different factors that will affect the outcome of your case. You can’t afford to leave your case up to what often seems like chance: you need to work with a defense attorney who has a thorough understanding of the Colorado judicial system and can use that knowledge to your advantage.

Kimberly Diego has dedicated her entire legal career to practicing criminal defense in Colorado and is well-qualified to help you. In addition to serving Brighton and Denver, she also helps clients in:

No matter where you are in Colorado, contact the Law Office of Kimberly Diego when you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge.

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation with Kimberly Diego

Kimberly Diego understands that most people don’t want to retain a lawyer until they get a better sense of whether that attorney can really help them. This is a smart decision, and it’s why she offers free initial consultations to help put your mind at ease. During the initial consultation, Ms. Diego will go over the details of your case and explain how she would go about preparing your defense so that you know exactly what you’re going to be getting if you decide to let her represent you.

Contact Kimberly Diego by calling 720-257-5346 or simply filling out a case review form. Don’t wait too long to get in touch, though, because the sooner you have your initial consultation the sooner Ms. Diego can start putting together a rigorous defense and provide you with the best chance at beating or reducing the charges against you.