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The Many Different Ways Colorado Can Charge You with Child Abuse
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Child abuse is taken seriously in here in Colorado, and because of that a child abuse allegation could be incredibly detrimental to your life.
When most people think about child abuse, the first thing that comes to mind is usually physical abuse, but child abuse can include other types of abuse as well. The four main types of child abuse are:

Physical abuse: hitting, beating, pushing, kicking,… Continue reading this article

Why You Need a Colorado Criminal Lawyer Who’s Handled Your Charge
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When you need to hire a criminal defense attorney, you want to hire the best lawyer to get the best results.
Who, then, will be the best attorney for you and your case?
There are many things to look for when hiring a lawyer. You want to make sure your attorney:

Is in good standing with the Colorado State Bar.
Has time to devote to your… Continue reading this article

How to Get Your Child’s Record Expunged in Colorado
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We get it – kids make mistakes. If your child has an arrest or conviction on their record, it does not mean they are a bad kid. They simply made a poor choice and ended up paying the price.
But now they have learned their lesson. And they’re ready to get an education or a job and move on: after all, they have their whole life ahead of them.… Continue reading this article