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Prevention of gun violence, especially among juveniles, is something Denver is looking to address. The set-up of a specialized court in the city’s judicial system is currently in progress.

A program is being designed to target first-time juvenile offenders and prevent them from committing more gun crimes down the road – and possibly being tried as an adult in the process.

Case in point? In 2019, five juveniles under the


If you have been convicted of a felony, it’s important to understand the laws on POWPO, or possession of a weapon by a previous offender. In this post, we’ll look at what the law means, what weapons qualify, and what penalties are involved.


Defining POWPO


There are a lot of laws and regulations regarding the use of firearms and other weapons in Colorado, but one of the

Shot in the groin.


That’s what police in Colorado Springs say happened to a local man during what they are calling a domestic dispute. Preliminary reports indicated that there were two wounds in his groin area, caused by either one or two bullets (one of wound could be where the bullet exited).  The only thing else release at the time of this writing is that two people were in

The laws regarding weapons and firearms in our state are constantly changing, and the debate about our second amendment rights rages on. Because of this, it is vital that all people who own firearms and other weapons to keep themselves updated on the laws.


To that end, this blog post will offer refresher on some basic laws and rules about using and owning weapons in our state. Still, knowing


The phrase “deadly weapon” might conjure images of a semi-automatic rifle or hand grenade.

While these certainly constitute dangerous weapons under Colorado law, our state’s definition of a deadly weapon is not limited to firearms – or even other objects designed to cause injury. Under Colorado law, any type of object, instrument, device, material, or substance may be considered a deadly weapon if it is used in a dangerous