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6 Different Ways You Can Be Charged With Colorado Property Crimes
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Property crime refers to a group of illegal activities that involve damaging or stealing another person’s private property. Property crime charges range in severity in Colorado—from petty offenses like shoplifting and vandalism to felonies like arson and armed robbery.
Unlike violent crimes or sex crimes, most property crimes target objects instead of people. Still, many property crimes—like arson and burglary—endanger the lives of victims, and the law takes… Continue reading this article

Should Destruction of Geological Areas be a Crime?
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A story receiving some media attention in the Rocky Mountain area this weekend is the filing of charges against two men in Utah for allegedly knocking over a rock formation. One has been charged with criminal mischief, and the other charged with conspiracy to commit criminal mischief, both felonies.  The video of the incident, which occurred several months ago, has received many hits online.
While one of the men… Continue reading this article