Neither World Class Athletes Nor Everyday Citizens Want a DWI Charge on Their Records
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It seems that Denver athletes are especially prone to picking up DWI charges. Whether it’s a UFC champ who has been arrested, a Denver Bronco with multiple DWI arrests, or one of the Nuggets facing the consequences of a DWI conviction, more than one Denver athlete has had to turn to a Denver DWI lawyer for legal assistance.


But it is not just athletes that need a good lawyer when it comes to DWI charges in the Denver area. Anyone facing a DWI charge will want to have the best legal advice and assistance possible when confronted with such a charge. A DWI conviction can mean not only jail time and/or fines, but it can also jeopardize future employment and educational opportunities.


The fact is, there are any number of reasons why Denver area law enforcement officers may suspect an individual of DWI, even when they haven’t even been drinking at all. An experienced Denver DWI lawyer has the wherewithal and the expertise to investigate the case and determine what factors may have led the officer to file erroneous DWI charges against an individual.


If you have been charged in the Denver area with a DWI, it will not matter whether you are a world-class athlete or an everyday citizen. What will matter is that you have a lawyer at your side to serve as your advocate throughout the legal proceedings. Kimberly Diego is an experienced Denver DWI lawyer who will work to build a defense of your case and obtain the very best outcome feasible. Contact the Law Office of Kimberly Diego in Denver today.


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