Would-Be Bike Theft Detectives in Denver Could Occasion Need for Defense Attorney
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In an effort to curb the number of bikes being stolen in Denver, local police officials and some media outlets have encouraged those who have been the victims of bike theft to see if their bikes are listed for sale on classified websites such as Craigslist. While such efforts may result in the recovery of a stolen bike or two, they may also occasion the need for sellers to contact a defense attorney in the Denver area if they are falsely accused of selling a stolen bike.


According to the Denver Police Department, a bicycle theft occurs in the area every one and a half days, so it is understandable that law enforcement would want to do everything possible to deter would-be thieves. However, by suggesting to theft victims that they might be able to locate those responsible for the theft by searching sites like Craigslist, police may also be encouraging false accusations from victims who might become convinced that a seller stole the bike that is being offered for sale.


If you are in Denver and have been falsely accused of the theft of a bike or of any other article or articles, a knowledgeable and experienced Denver theft attorney can help you to clear your name and your reputation. In addition to minimizing the damage that a false charge can create for you, your theft attorney will also work to build the best defense possible for you and your case. When you need an experienced Denver theft attorney, contact the Law Office of Kimberly Diego in Denver for the results you desire.


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