Denver’s Witness Description System Causes Concern for Defense Lawyer
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The Denver Post recently reported that the descriptions of criminal suspects that are provided by witnesses have been routinely overwritten to correspond to descriptions of suspects that have been taken into custody. The story, based on the testimony of a Denver detective, is understandably a cause of concern for more than one Denver defense lawyer and the clients they represent.


Denver defense lawyers are in agreement that the flaws within the system could intentionally be used by police and prosecutors to hide exculpatory evidence which could clear their clients of charges. Denver police insist that evidence has not ever been purposefully withheld or overwritten. That insistence is of little consolation when a Denver defense lawyer believes the system to be inherently flawed.


It was a Denver defense lawyer who discovered the discrepancies in the system during a trial last year when a victim’s description of three suspects was no longer in the report filed by a Denver police detective. The missing evidence resulted in a mistrial.


The Denver Police Department insists that it is a training issue, but the defense lawyer is unconvinced and says that if reports have been falsified in order to obtain convictions, there will be a criminal case against the entire department.


At any rate, the discrepancies illustrate the need for anyone who has been charged with a crime in Denver to make sure to have the very best defense lawyer fighting for justice. A knowledgeable and experienced Denver defense lawyer knows and understands the flaws that can exist within the local criminal judicial system and will protect you and work diligently to defend you.


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