Dog Bite Leads to Need for Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver TV News Anchor Case
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A dog owner faces criminal charges stemming from a televised news interview gone awry. It is unclear whether the owner has retained a Denver criminal defense attorney at this point. However, Reuters reported last month that Michael Robinson was appearing on Denver TV with his Argentine Mastiff, Gladiator Maximus, otherwise known as Max, when the dog bit the anchor in the face after she knelt down to caress and kiss the dog. The dog and his owner were appearing on the morning news show after Max was rescued from a frozen lake the previous day.


The anchor required 70 stiches following the bite and will need more surgery to correct the damage. Robinson faces a $500 fine on the criminal charge because he failed to maintain control of the dog, allowing the dog to cause bodily injury while off of Robinson’s personal property. However, in Robinson’s defense, animal experts have come forward to say that the news anchor may have approached the dog incorrectly, thus unwittingly provoking the attack. The ordinance under which Robinson was charged says that an owner is not liable if the dog is provoked into attack by the victim.


Criminal charges come in all shapes and sizes, including those stemming from an 85-pound Mastiff bite. A good defense attorney, however, has the ability to a build suitable case regardless of the nature of the alleged crime or subsequent charge. If you have been charged with a criminal offense in the Denver area, a Denver criminal defense attorney can get you the best possible outcome for your case.


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