A Criminal Attorney in Denver Who Aggressively Fights For You
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The owners of a Denver-area liquor store that billed itself as one of the largest such establishments in the world were recently charged with breaching the Colorado Organized Crime Act, which included tax evasion, theft, and so-called “computer crime.” This cyber arena of criminal law is wide-ranging, spanning a spectrum from class 2 misdemeanor all the way to class 3 felony. In the case of the liquor store owners, their use of computers in their theft, tax-evasion, and other racketeering charges itself made their efforts “computer crimes.” Obviously, no layperson can navigate today’s criminal-code jungle associated with computer crimes or any other criminal activity, for that matter. In such situations, you deserve the tireless defense of a staunch and reputable criminal attorney in Denver.


Kimberly Diego is just that Denver criminal attorney you are looking for, whether the charges you or a loved one face vary from computer crimes all the way to juvenile offenses, child endangerment, assault, harassment, or even traffic tickets. Ms. Diego’s in-depth experience with the Denver-area courts—local, state, and federal—plus her command of the law make her your go-to when you need an aggressive, expert criminal defense.


Denver-area prosecutors and law enforcement authorities are not passively standing by when they have charged you. Their investigation into every area of your life has just begun. The Law Office of Kimberly Diego is passionate about securing for you a savvy criminal defense and hitting the ground running, aggressively tackling every possible angle to benefit you. Ms. Diego’s legal expertise, her fluency in both Spanish and English, and her wide range of practice areas make her a top choice when you need a criminal attorney in Denver.


Criminal Attorney Denver – If you’re facing a criminal charge in Colorado, contact the Law Offices of Kimberly Diego. Kimberly Diego is a highly accomplished criminal attorney in Denver who represents clients from all walks of life throughout the Denver metro area – juveniles, adults, and clients accused of both felonies and misdemeanors. Contact Ms. Diego at 720.257.5346 (available 24-7) to schedule a free consultation to review the nature of your case or visit her website at