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With the successful passage of Amendment 64, the state constitutional change to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for those 21 years of age and older, many Colorado criminal defense lawyers are cautiously optimistic. However, that optimism is tempered by the likelihood, as legal experts warn, that DUI offenses will rise, as well as criminal activity in the trafficking of marijuana to other states where its recreational usage is illegal. What all this translates to is that now, more than ever, you may find yourself needing the best Colorado criminal defense lawyer you can find to help you gain the most aggressive legal defense possible.


Just like with alcohol, DUI in cases of marijuana-induced drugged driving will most likely be determined by a legally posited amount of THC (the operative bio-chemical in marijuana) in the bloodstream. Long and short: Your need for a Colorado criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with DUI, DUID, drug crimes, drug distribution, and a myriad of other chargeable offenses has not changed. The fact is, law enforcement agencies will not suddenly cease to arrest and charge those whom they perceive to be engaging in criminal activity.


That’s why you need Colorado criminal defense lawyer Kimberly Diego. Available 24/7, Ms. Diego is equipped to practice in all areas of criminal defense, including juvenile offenses, drug trafficking, traffic tickets, theft, weapons charges, violent crimes, among others. Her consummate, savvy skill set and passionate belief that every person is entitled to his or her constitutional right of a legal defense make her a top Colorado criminal defense lawyer. If you find yourself in a bind involving criminal charges, give Diego Criminal Defense a call.


If you’re facing a criminal charge in Colorado, contact the Law Offices of Kimberly Diego. Kimberly Diego is a highly accomplished Colorado criminal defense lawyer who represents clients from all walks of life throughout the Denver metro area – juveniles, adults, and clients accused of both felonies and misdemeanors. Contact Ms. Diego at 720.257.5346 (available 24-7) to schedule a free consultation to review the nature of your case or visit her website at