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Shoplifting is a major cause of revenue loss in any retail operation. However, there is another significant source of revenue loss for businesses – employee theft.


In fact, studies have shown that employee theft is even more common than shoplifting. According to surveys, a whopping 95% of employees in the US workforce admit to stealing from their employer at some time or another. Although many cases of employee


Most shoplifting offenders are caught while in the act of shoplifting, usually when they are apprehended by store security. If you are accused of shoplifting, you may be alarmed and tempted to try to resist the efforts of store security or law enforcement, or to flee the scene.


Unfortunately, fighting back at the scene or attempting to escape when you’re accused of shoplifting are both very dangerous decisions.


Imagine this. You get charged with shoplifting at a Denver shopping center. You plead guilty and get two years of probation. Then, a few months later, you don’t show up for a review hearing. The court puts out a warrant for your arrest, but you don’t care because you’ve already moved out of state. What are they going to do, chase you down over a shoplifting charge?




A shoplifting charge may seem minor, but depending on the value of the items in question, you may face felony charges and could even end up spending time in prison. Because of this, it is important to be prepared before entering the courtroom and have a strong defense ready for the judge.


In Colorado, shoplifting is defined as the act of knowingly obtaining or controlling someone else’s property


With the holidays upon us, everyone is out buying gifts for their friends and family. This can be a stressful time of year for anyone, but it’s even more stressful for retailers. As the number of shoppers increases, so does the number of shoplifters.


There are many reasons why someone may shoplift something. Maybe they couldn’t afford the item they took. Maybe their friends pressured them. Maybe it