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If you’ve been charged with shoplifting and word has gotten out, you’ve probably had to face friends and family who have a lot of preconceived notions about retail theft. You’ll likely face a lot of people who are trying to make sense of why you stole—and you may not entirely understand why you did it yourself. There’s no one motivation for shoplifting and no one type of person who shoplifts,

For some shoplifters, stealing from a retailer is a one-time thing—a mistake made due to peer pressure, stress, or other situational factors. For others, shoplifting has become a regular habit that provides feelings of power, pride, and community.


Individuals who fit into the latter category recently gained attention after an online shoplifting community was “outed” on the popular blogging platform Tumblr. While the criminal activity of the group is

It is common for someone charged with shoplifting to be faced with the prospect of video evidence in his or her case, capturing the act of the alleged shoplifting – particularly when the store involved is a larger store like a supermarket, department store, or somewhere like Target or Wal Mart, as opposed to a small business.


Faced with video evidence, a person charged with shoplifting may understandably feel

On March 3rd, the FBI arrested a family of three from Northbrook, IL, for a shoplifting spree allegedly resulting in more than $7 million in stolen property.The Bogdanov family’s cross-country thefts began in Oklahoma and continued through Texas and Louisiana before eventually finishing back in their hometown. Along the way, they went after major companies such as Barnes and Noble and Toys ‘R’ Us and sold their stolen merchandise on