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In Colorado, you may find yourself standing before a judge if you post or distribute intimate images of your lover or spouse online after a breakup. How so?


Harassing your former significant other by posting nude images without his or her permission is a violation of Colorado’s revenge porn laws. These laws also apply to strangers who post images they find when they hack into someone else’s device


Everyone makes mistakes. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, though, you have to carry a reminder of your mistakes with you in the form of a criminal record. It’s something that can make it harder to do things like get a good job, find an apartment, and even take out a loan.


Having your name on the sex offender registry is like that


If you are charged with a sex crime in Colorado, you will suffer many consequences you may not even know about. Obviously, there is a decent chance that you will have to serve a prison sentence and be put on probation. However, those are just the beginning of your consequences.


If your sex offense is one that qualifies for the sex offender registry, completing your criminal sentence is


Most states have some kind of mandatory reporting laws if someone believes that a child is being abused (sexually or otherwise) or neglected. This makes sense. After all, very young children literally cannot speak for themselves, and may not understand that anything wrong is happening. Even older children can benefit, because they might not feel emotionally able to come forward about abuse, or know exactly what they’re supposed to


A Denver man was recently charged with 42 counts of sexual assault and invasion of privacy for taking pictures of female coworkers’ intimate areas without their consent, and he’s being held on a $500,000 bond in a Denver jail.


He has decided to plead not guilty to all charges. However, authorities have found the images on his computer, and he has admitted that he has a problem. What