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Sometimes things happen quickly before you can think. Instinct kicks in. The problem is: An action you may not have intended to take could land you in serious trouble in Colorado – and end in charges that include domestic violence as an aggravating factor.

The truth is that normal people end up with domestic violence charges all the time. It’s not simply one type of person or certain couples that

Domestic violence in Colorado is a serious offense. If you are convicted, then it can have a lasting impact on your life. Not only will you have a criminal record, but the domestic violence addition to the underlying offense can make the penalties you face even worse.

How does the state of Colorado define domestic violence and what has to be proven in court in order to secure a conviction

Children are sometimes the unfortunate witnesses to events that include domestic violence between people in their households or their families. While it may not seem like this has an impact on a child, that’s really not the case.

Children are deeply impacted by domestic violence. They can be victims of it themselves or witness it happening to others. There are many side effects that can result from this, and it’s

Being accused of domestic violence in Colorado is no joke. In fact, it is an accusation that can have devastating consequences for the rest of your life – and it can impact your rights.

If you’re dealing with domestic violence in Colorado, you may have many questions. Here are some of the most frequent questions we get for those who are involved in domestic violence cases. Here are just a

There’s no doubt: crime charges that include domestic violence can be devastating to a person’s life. That’s why it’s vital, if you’re facing domestic violence charges, to make sure you mount the most robust defense possible.

Sometimes, help in defense can come from an unlikely source: the victim. There are actually many ways in which a victim can help with a Colorado domestic violence case. So, if you’re facing charges