Category: Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an issue many Coloradans have to deal with. Because of this, our state takes crimes involving domestic violence very seriously, and being found guilty of a crime involving it can have a major impact on your life going forward.

That’s why it’s necessary for all Colorado residents to understand what the law says about domestic violence. Having a little understanding of our laws can help you navigate

In Colorado domestic violence cases, restraining orders can greatly impact the lives of both the victim and the person accused of perpetrating the crime in question.

Protective orders, which may also be called restraining orders, can force the accused to leave their home, have no contact with their children, and keep them from coming within a certain distance of the victim. This can complicate things on many levels, especially since

Being charged for a crime with a domestic violence enhancement in Colorado is not something anyone wants to deal with. Still, there are charges that can be even worse: domestic violence accusations that involve strangulation. If you are accused of domestic violence involving strangulation, then you need to seek out immediate representation by an experienced attorney for help.

Cases involving domestic violence can be very complicated, and officers are required

Perhaps you’ve heard of someone who has been charged with domestic violence. It’s not unusual for a person to refer to any crime involving domestic violence as just that, but doing so ignores the nuance and complexity of the law.

The truth is that, in Colorado, domestic violence is an enhancement to another crime, not a crime all on its own. There are many crimes that can have domestic violence

Sometimes things happen quickly before you can think. Instinct kicks in. The problem is: An action you may not have intended to take could land you in serious trouble in Colorado – and end in charges that include domestic violence as an aggravating factor.

The truth is that normal people end up with domestic violence charges all the time. It’s not simply one type of person or certain couples that