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The Denver Post recently reported that the descriptions of criminal suspects that are provided by witnesses have been routinely overwritten to correspond to descriptions of suspects that have been taken into custody. The story, based on the testimony of a Denver detective, is understandably a cause of concern for more than one Denver defense lawyer and the clients they represent.


Denver defense lawyers are in agreement that the flaws

A dog owner faces criminal charges stemming from a televised news interview gone awry. It is unclear whether the owner has retained a Denver criminal defense attorney at this point. However, Reuters reported last month that Michael Robinson was appearing on Denver TV with his Argentine Mastiff, Gladiator Maximus, otherwise known as Max, when the dog bit the anchor in the face after she knelt down to caress and kiss

The assault trial of Jeffrey Campos, former Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO, illustrates why it is necessary to have a good criminal attorney in Denver at your side when facing a criminal trial in this Colorado municipality. According to the Denver Post, Campos’s criminal attorney has argued that Campos is clearly an adulterer who may not have exercised the best judgment, but that does not make him a criminal.

ESPN News reported last week that Alex White, a pitcher with the Colorado Rockies, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. According to reports, the team has indicated that the 23-year-old pitcher understands the mistake he has made and the embarrassment he has brought to the team. It was unclear from the news story whether team lawyers would be representing White in the DUI case or if he will retain

ABC News reported this week on the arrest of Kizzy Kalu, a Colorado CEO who faces 132 criminal charges ranging from visa fraud to money laundering to human trafficking. Though it is unclear whether Kalu has yet retained a defense lawyer, hearings regarding whether or not he should be released on bond have been held. He is still currently in custody, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.